About Wellness Kriya

My name is Deepali Bankar, and I am a physical therapist and health/wellness writer. I grew up in the beautiful Bay Area of California. My journey has taken me from San Francisco to New York,  Nashville, Austin, and now back in the Bay to live in Palo Alto. I absolutely love it out here!  I enjoy running, yoga, cooking, reading, and basking in the simple pleasures of life.  My passion is in inspiring others to live their own lives with a sense of abundance and peace through seven practices, or actions that help to elevate their wellness quotient.  I am thrilled to have you visit the website.  This is a collaborative site for all of us to teach, inspire, motivate, and empower one another.
Unfortunately, for the past several months, the website has been on hiatus while I tend to an ill family member.  It will be resumed in the near future.  Thank you for your readership!


3 thoughts on “About Wellness Kriya

  1. Hi friend!

    LOVE your blog….look forward to reading it and incorporating this way of life into my own.

    Miss you!

  2. Hi Deepali ! How have you been? Are you still in Northern Ca now? I have also been to N.Y. And fell in love with it there. I currently live in AZ and am a first grade teacher and working on my Masters Degree. Take Care

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