Stretching our wings

When was the last time you really stretched your wings?  In other words, when did you push yourself a little bit beyond your comfort zone?  Taking a risk and challenging ourselves in our life journey is a big contributor to our wellness quotient.  It helps us to evolve and grow.  In my experience, it is the dichotomy between fear and exhiliration.  I remember making the decision to leave my hometown and  move to New York City for a while.  I was incredibly nervous  about the move , but, at the same time, the thought of moving excited me! (and, the experience was great!)

This week, I would like us all to stretch ourselves a little bit.  It could be as simple as driving a new route to/from work to something complex like finally making that decision to go back to school to pursue a dream.   There is a large range in between – maybe you want to take that salsa class or learn how to paint.  You might finally sign up for that 5K, 12K, or 1/2 marathon!  What is something new that you’ve been wanting to try?  Remember, you can’t fail!  Add some spice to your life this week by adding the ingredient of “risk” – a calculated one, nonetheless – to your wellness quotient.   Do ONE thing this week that stretches you.  It will send your soul flying!  ***Check back Monday for more reasons to stretch your wings****

Deepali’s piece of wellness:  You’ll never realize your true potential unless you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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