Nourish the Mind

Every situation, if you think about it, is an invitation for you to react in a certain way, but being mindful gives you the chance to decide how to RSVP.”

—  Catherine Price
 The thing about our minds is that we get to choose what we put inside.  We always have the choice to fill them with postive or negative thoughts.  Think of it as a bank account.  What can you deposit into it to create the highest rate of return?  In other words, what types of thoughts and reactions to outside circumstances will bring you an optimal sense of wellbeing?  What kinds of beliefs do you hold?  Are you exercising your mind with laughter and holding a visual image of the scene of the life you wish to live?  Remember, before anything can physically manifest in your life, the seed of it is planted in your mind.  Nourish those thoughts, and you will grow a garden full of your own unique treasures!
I want to thank Sharon Hohler for her contributions to our site this week!  Have a great weekend!

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