Shining Our Light

I am always amazed when we discuss a topic on our site, and then I see that same topic addressed somewhere else. I really do believe it’s put out in the forefront of my mind and thoughts, as soon as I share something with all of you.

We ended our discussion last week with the kriya of letting go. I had mentioned that it’s one of those life lessons that continues to show up in my life over and over again. I know it is partly because I continue to struggle with it. When I opened up my “Daily Om” devotion this morning, I came across the topic of Shedding Light on Ourselves. Reading the words of wisdom kind of jolted me. It was on the topic of letting go, but more importantly it gave us insight into the fundamental reason for our resistence to letting go – the idea that “there may be a deep seated part in us that doesn’t want to heal”.

It’s true, many times we just want to look away. It’s easier and less painful. The article woke me up to the idea that holding onto something that no longer serves us is really an illusion we create. The circumstance has usually already shifted by the time our mind catches up to the reality. And, by that time, all we have left to face is the truth. It is certainly a process and we heal in stages, but the first step is to want to heal.

Please click the link above to read this insightful article.

Deepali’s Piece of Wellness: As you begin this week, can you slowly bring to your awareness the anchors in your life that are holding you back? What would it take for you to risk letting go and allowing more light to shine through you?

2 thoughts on “Shining Our Light

  1. What a great link! Thank you! What I first thought about is how easy it is to point to the barriers in another person’s life…all those friends who hold onto the same struggles over time without letting go…and then I thought about examining the areas in my own life that aren’t congruent with what I claim to value, and the truth is clear! I have my own resistance! Great reminders, Deepali! Debra

  2. Deepali, I have made a mention of you on my blog and conferred the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award on your site. I want to be sure to acknowledge how much I enjoy the things you have to share, but I also will not in any way be disappointed if you do not want to follow-through with the steps that seem to come with these blog awards. It is TOTALLY up to you what you do with it. But I do really enjoy your sharing, and want others to find you! I hope you are doing well. Truly! Debra (Details of the award are on m site).

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