Comparing Apples to Apples

I think it’s inevitable that we all, to some degree, compare ouselves to those around us.  Does my outfit look good enough, is my house big enough, is the amount of money I make enough?  Enough, already!  The “enough” seems to be centered around where we stand in comparison to those around us.  It could be our friends, family, coworkers, etc.  We have this need to impress and try to “keep up with the Joneses”.   We seek approval from those outside of ourselves, despite what our truth might be.  We begin to judge ourselves by the standards to which we hold others. 

I remember looking at certain friends over the years and thinking “wow, they have it good…..their lives have lined up perfectly for them….if only I could have it that good”.  These same people over the years would be the ones to go through their own  life struggles, falling off the pedestal I had placed them on.  A person’s life may seem perfect on the outside, but perhaps only on the surface.  I found out recently that a good friend of mine is going through life-changing transitions, many of which I had never known. 

The truth of the matter is, we all go through ebbs and flows in life.  It really is pointless to compare your own path to that of another, thinking you should be riding along at the same speed, going to the same places.  We all have our own unique things to learn, problems to face, fears to tackle, layers to peel down.  If our happiness is based upon being in line with someone else’s path, we won’t ever find fulfillment.  It’s about looking inside yourself and really radiating what is true to you.  Who is your authentic self?  What is your purpose and what do you have to contribute to the world?  What really brings you joy?  My hope is that the only comparison we make is within ourselves… compare how much we have grown by some of our challenging experiences and knowing that we have always been enough.

Belief in Spirit

Every year millions of us blow out our birthday candles and make a wish.  We pray for a loved one in the hospital.  We have those visceral signs that guide us in making big life decisions.  The common denominator in those instances is that, for most of us, we believe there is a power outside of us that is accessible through hope, faith, or prayer.  Be it God, the universe, or a higher Spirit, we feel a sense of peace when we hand over many of our trials and tribulations over to something greater than ourselves.

Our spiritual wellness encompasses the deeper part of who we are – it encapsulates our core values and beliefs, our life purpose and the meaning it holds for us.  That awareness we have brings us closer to the divine “higher” power we believe will carry us through.  In essence, it lives within us.  Studies have already shown the benefits that spirituality plays in our lives.  Those that practice accessing the deeper parts of themselves and believe that the Universe/God is on their side, have been noted to have reduced stress and lower blood pressure.  I think it is definitely a contributor to our wellness quotient.

I know that lately I have attempted to access my spiritual energy and reach for guidance from the Universe.  I am having to make some big life-changing decisions and have been in a frenzy about it.  There are inevitable fears, doubts, frustration, and resistance.  I’ve been forced to ask myself some difficult questions.  Chatting with some good friends over ice cream last night, I was reminded of  my ability to choose my thoughts.  Negative thoughts often brew negative outcomes.  It’s that simple, self-fulfilling prophecy, or the Law of Attraction.  Why not be excited at the opportunity of something new and live in the light of the life ahead?  How would that change the perception of my reality?  I know that by silencing my mind, through yoga/meditation/prayer, I will be able to find the answers.  I just need to trust and take heed to the signs that will present themselves around me.  And I trust that you all will, too!  ****More on Spirit Wednesday!

Deepali’s piece of wellness:  Believe in a power greater than your physical self…..there is more to you than meets the eye!