Going with the Flow

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the kind of person who takes a passive approach to life.  I’m someone who creates a vision, sets goals, and focuses on pressing toward them.  I believe in sitting in the driver’s seat of life.  I believe in never taking “no” from someone who doesn’t have the power to tell you “yes”.  I am one of those people who will keep pressing on and on and, oftentimes, continue holding on during times I know I just need to quit.  I don’t mean quitting on my goals, but knowing when a situation has changed enough and perhaps leading me toward another path.   

Letting go, is one of the kriyas that I have long struggled with.  I’m sure there are many of you, like me, who feel the need to control everything in your life.  In fact, many of us try to manage the outcomes of our lives so much that we actually get in the way and sabotage the good that is flowing toward us.  Sometimes, our peripheral vision has more to show us if we just take our blinders off.  It opens us up to a bigger picture and opportunities that lie in the background. 

So, yes we need to continue to set goals or resolutions in the new year, but remember we always have the choice to re-evaluate and determine what is working for us.  When we know we’ve reached a dead-end, it’s best to back up and take a U-turn.  And an even better strategy other times?  Let go, take the passenger seat, and allow a greater force to guide us toward another destination.  I continue to learn this.

Have a Great Weekend!  

2 thoughts on “Going with the Flow

  1. What you have shared is indeed hard for all of us, I think, at some times or seasons in our lives. I think the older we get, the more we have experiences with marriages, or health or financial struggles–the things that come into our lives where we absolutely do learn we have no control anyway, the closer we get to realizing the freedom that comes with focus on what we can change, and allowing the flow of life to take us into some very challenging, but often deeply spiritual and rich seasons. I like your words–“towards another destination.” I didn’t read this on my weekend, but I am delighted for the reminder as I begin another week. Debra

  2. Debra, thank you for your perspective. You are so right when you say that it is freedom that comes with making a conscious choice to change what we can control. I think it’s one of the hardest tests we are given in life, don’t you think? -Deepali

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